Say goodbye to crawling around in the back of your cargo van searching for tools and inventory. The KUV has all the compartments necessary to help anyone keep organized on and off the jobsite.

The KUV has secure external equipment storage that is easy to organize and internal storage space that includes two conduit chutes and a large cargo area for oversized items.  With a cab access door, the technician can leave the driver seat and enter the internal cargo area to obtain the needed inventory for the job site.  The KUV is rugged with a solid steel galvanneal steel construction built to last.  If you own a cargo van and spend more time searching for parts and tools than working on the jobsite, then the KUV should be your next equipment investment.  Let the KUV provide more billable hours for you.

Custom configure a Sortimo package for your KUV with Knapheide's Online Sortimo Configurator!


Knapheide is the leading manufacturer of standard service bodies. We've put forty years of ideas and innovation into our service bodies so you can have the best in the industry.

With a rugged steel construction and external storage for your tools and equipment, the Standard Service Body is a key component in your day to day productivity.  The external compartments offer protection from the outside elements and allow the technician to access their equipment without having to climb into the truck bed.  Staying organized both on and between job sites is important, that's why Knapheide's Standard Service Bodies come with ample compartment storage space complete with shelving.  Our double panel door construction combined with stainless steel rotary latches keeps your equipment and tools secure and provides peace of mind.  Knapheide's Standard Service Bodies are tested and true and come with a six year warranty. 

All the benefits of a standard service body in a compact size

Can't find a well designed service body for your compact truck? Look no further, Knapheide has created the best external storage solution without eliminating the accessibility to your truck bed, the Compact Service Body.

Knapheide's Compact Service Body contains all the same great features as our Standard Service Body.  So no matter if you have a Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon, or Ford Ranger, your truck can be upfit with America's favorite steel service body.  This body may lack in size compared to our Standard Service Body, but it doesn't lack in durability and functionality.  Our compartment doors stay open on the jobsite and stay closed when you are traveling and employ neoprene door seals to keep your equipment protected.  With six external compartments, you have plenty of storage for all your needed tools.  No job is too big or too small for Knapheide's Compact Service Body.


Crane Bodies from Knapheide are versatile enough to work in almost any industry. From one application to the next, the Knapheide Crane Body continues to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Knapheide's Crane Body line is versatile enough to withstand everything from light to heavy duty working environments.  Our 30,000 ft.-lb., 38,000 ft.-lb. and 60,000 ft.-lb. Crane Bodies are designed to provide enough storage while boasting the capacity to lift your maximum sized loads.  Whatever your application may be, municipal, construction, heavy equipment maintenance, Knapheide has the right Crane Body for you. 


So you love the drivability of a low cab forward chassis but can't find a body to fit on it? Knapheide has designed it's efficient and productive KUV body just for you.

So you love your LCF chassis and don't want to convert to a conventional truck or van chassis for your work vehicle but you can't seem to get a utility body that will fit your LCF?  Knapheide has developed the solution with an already popular product, engineering a KUV body specifically for a LCF chassis dubbed "KUVlcf".  The KUVlcf has all the bells and whistles of a regular KUV and can greatly increase your productivity with convenient external compartments for easy access to tools and secure internal cargo storage for oversized items.  If you are looking to up your efficiency while using a LCF chassis, choose the KUVlcf.


If you have a truck but want both external and internal secure storage for all your tools and components? Meet the Knapheide KUVcc, designed and manufactured with the truck owner in mind.

Maybe you like the toughness and durability of a truck chassis or have to take your vehicle off road to make it to the jobsite or need 4 wheel drive most of the year.  The Knapheide KUVcc has all the same features as a KUV for a van chassis.  Since productivity is important to you, this vehicle shouldn't be overlooked.  With more than enough external storage and a secure internal cargo storage area, the KUVcc can greatly increase your productivity day in and day out.  If you prefer to drive a truck but prefer the efficiency of a KUV, check out the KUVcc.

Custom configure a Sortimo package for your KUVcc with Knapheide's Online Sortimo Configurator!


The KSS says project manager with its' appearance and contoured lines. If you want that top notch professional look, the KSS is the body for you.

The KSS possesses all the same traits as your truck cab, contoured lines, triple contact door seals, concealed door hinges and wrap around lights, and with a removable tailgate it feels like a normal truck bed while offering the benefits of a service body.  The KSS comes in many different lengths to fit your needed application and since its' just as rugged as our standard service body, we back it up with a six year warranty.  So if you want a high class look with durable functionality, choose the Knapheide KSS.


Utility companies put their line construction vehicles to some mighty tough tests. Knapheide engineered their Line Bodies to meet those demanding requirements.

Line Bodies are designed for medium-duty and heavy-duty chassis.  Knapheide has engineered twelve basic models in order to meet the needs of most applications but we also have the ability to custom design Line Bodies to meet any application.  Knapheide offers two different styles of Line Bodies.  Our H-Series models have compartments behind the rear wheels while our BH-Series models do not have compartments behind the rear wheels.  Choose your basic model and contact your Knapheide distributor about optional equipment to custom design your next Line Body.